Row Away

Stop and stare
I have to say this and as cliché as it may sound, I really have to. The first kayaking experience was simply b.r.e.a.t.h.t.a.k.i.n.g.

Full of life, giggles and enthusiasm we hopped our way to the Bhatsai River for an hour of kayaking. Slightly terrified (pssst. I cannot swim), I strapped on my life jacket and tiptoed into the cold river. Perched into the kayak aka Dizzie and the super awesome (he really is) host – Wayne handed the oars and gently pushed us into the river. Stiff feet, struggling with the oars and no idea of how this whole kayaking jazzy business works, Dizzie and I were off for an hour long of figure-out-how-Dizzie-works.

While the rest had gone ahead and were evidently having a gala time, Dizzie and I were still struggling to work our way out. After the first fifteen minutes of going in circles, backwards, sideways and also using the oars in an incorrect manner, ta-dah!, we’ve figured and then couldn’t stop, till our host screamed his lungs out after an hour to get us out.

Rowing through patches of water hydrilla spread over the river bed, the overlapping banyan tree on the river bank, the mellow sunshine, the echoes of the birds doing their morning singsong, the lush green trees aligned on the river banks with their rippled reflection and our laughter ringing through the soothing breeze over the steady Bhatsai. All the goodness of creation and nature in one go is overwhelming. I could gleefully plop myself in there all day to watch this side of the world spin madly on.

Not to forget it’s the same chilly Bhatsai that we took a dip in the previous evening and watched the sun go down. Later that night we got back to the Bhatsai banks, gazed into a blood moon lit sky alongwith our usual chatter and giggles.

Kayaking was a part of the camping deal with Big Red Tent, Vasind.

Row Away

Row, row, row your boat



Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; Life is but a dream


The Big Red Tent




Twisted Tales



Each of us have a tale to narrate. Some twisted and some effortlessly simple. Most of the times we land up twisting our tales endlessly till its drained every drop of our strength and faith. Not to miss out on how we love adding spice to the simple ones, complicating them just over and over again.

And in the garbled bargain we totally forget to ‘let go and let God’.


The JoZi’s

I’ve known Jo(anna) for much much longer than I know most of you’ll. From being inseparable bench mates in school to sending across notes when she moved cities, we have an entire stash of happy memories.

As we sat sharing giggles, stories and our lunch-boxes, little did we gauge as friends that we’d be there through and through this circle of life. Surprise birthday celebrations, to planning her hens party, followed by being her wedding planner (partially) and a year later visiting JoZi their super darling house in Ketti, Ooty. Gosh, wait up, the best is yet to come.

After honeymooning in Ketti, Ooty for over a year, they were back in Bombay. And like I said the best is yet to come, we have  JoZi-Junior on his/her way this Feb’16. Before JoZi-Junior is here to steal the show, have a look at the glowing parents-to-be.




Taming that jealous heart

For the longest time ever I have always wanted an Apple MacBook Pro and a DSLR. Last year I managed buying myself the DSLR since I was traveling to my favorite-est place in the entire wide-wide world. The Apple MacBook Pro still sits on the top of my things that I need to buy. Out of nowhere the brother decided to gift the sister a MacBook Pro for her birthday. For various reasons that particular idea simply didn’t go down well. The very first thought that came to my mind was she doesn’t deserve it and I need it.

While all this was happening, I was travelling with a huge lump in my throat. I sat pondering on my reaction to all of this. I kept telling myself I’m NOT jealous, cause I deserved to be gifted the Apple MacBook Pro. But obviously I was plain jealous. Contemplating over it all I thought- What kind of a Christian am I? Whatever happened to the Christian values I have been taught over and over again? Am I ‘practicing what I preach’? Is ‘jealousy’ what I teach the kids at Sunday school? Where is the notion of ‘loving unconditionally’? God didn’t ask if I deserved it or not. He just died on the cross for me. Irrespective of my sins and blemishes. He didn’t care about whether I needed (deserved) to be freed from sins or not.


Proverbs 14:30 –

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

the ‘wanna-be’ wedding planner

All I have to hear is – ‘I am getting married!’, and there goes my mind traveling through ideas and yes I get lost amidst all of them. The wedding theme, wedding gown, groomsmen avatars, how many bridesmaids and back to wedding theme and colors, decor, venue, personalizing the wedding with little elements and the list goes on. I have found myself in a situation like this SO MANY TIMES.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

Random calls from friends for ideas on wedding themes, thoughts on colors & DIY elements for the wedding, contact details for seamstresses, card printers, florists, photographers, hair stylists, make-up artists, wedding filmer’s and even venues.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

Some of them have made me their ‘wedding planners’ and then said I am brilliant and I should become a professional wedding planner.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

I worked with 4 brides this year. Helped of  them chalk down their wedding plans, budgets etc. Then helped with the usual – hunting down a venue, zeroing on wedding colors and elements, selecting fabric for the wedding, visiting the seamstress not less than 8 times to get  the gowns ready, meeting florists and card printers and what not. Not to forget the hours of research done to get the creative juices flowing for ideas on making every but of the wedding special, wedding themes, cake toppers, bridal entourage attires, give aways, décor for the venue, patterns for wedding gowns, wedding bands etc. All of them have been so appreciative of the prompt help and outcome of looping me in their wedding planning.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

My skills of patience, planning, creativity, eye for detail, communication, research, organization, multitasking, love for DIY projects, sense of style.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

I may have read through a zillion blogs on ‘How I followed my heart and quit my corporate job?’ or ‘ How I became a Wedding Planner?’ to draw in inspiration and prolly pull my socks up and build on what am really passionate about.  The thought of it stays only as a thought. Maybe I am just fearful. Maybe I am yet to figure how to go about and put a price tag to all this (especially while working with a friend). Maybe I just lack confidence and faith. Maybe I want to work with another wedding planner. Maybe all those wedding planners I have written or spoken to think am not cut out for this shiz. MAYBE!

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

Right now I may be just venting out. The fact that I can’t (or rather I am not) do(ing) anything about it or the fact that none of the wedding planners got back and also the fact that I have a corporate job to back to on Monday. Back to the stereotype. Playing with excel sheets, spicing up powerpoint presentations, preparing reports, planning, talking to people with their ‘corporate masks’ on and fake smiling my day away. All this eats up.

‘Nuff of the ranting, I’ll stop.

Some day soon (hopefully) I’ll be the ‘wanna-be’ ‘Wedding-Planner’