the ‘wanna-be’ wedding planner

All I have to hear is – ‘I am getting married!’, and there goes my mind traveling through ideas and yes I get lost amidst all of them. The wedding theme, wedding gown, groomsmen avatars, how many bridesmaids and back to wedding theme and colors, decor, venue, personalizing the wedding with little elements and the list goes on. I have found myself in a situation like this SO MANY TIMES.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

Random calls from friends for ideas on wedding themes, thoughts on colors & DIY elements for the wedding, contact details for seamstresses, card printers, florists, photographers, hair stylists, make-up artists, wedding filmer’s and even venues.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

Some of them have made me their ‘wedding planners’ and then said I am brilliant and I should become a professional wedding planner.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

I worked with 4 brides this year. Helped of  them chalk down their wedding plans, budgets etc. Then helped with the usual – hunting down a venue, zeroing on wedding colors and elements, selecting fabric for the wedding, visiting the seamstress not less than 8 times to get  the gowns ready, meeting florists and card printers and what not. Not to forget the hours of research done to get the creative juices flowing for ideas on making every but of the wedding special, wedding themes, cake toppers, bridal entourage attires, give aways, décor for the venue, patterns for wedding gowns, wedding bands etc. All of them have been so appreciative of the prompt help and outcome of looping me in their wedding planning.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

My skills of patience, planning, creativity, eye for detail, communication, research, organization, multitasking, love for DIY projects, sense of style.

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

I may have read through a zillion blogs on ‘How I followed my heart and quit my corporate job?’ or ‘ How I became a Wedding Planner?’ to draw in inspiration and prolly pull my socks up and build on what am really passionate about.  The thought of it stays only as a thought. Maybe I am just fearful. Maybe I am yet to figure how to go about and put a price tag to all this (especially while working with a friend). Maybe I just lack confidence and faith. Maybe I want to work with another wedding planner. Maybe all those wedding planners I have written or spoken to think am not cut out for this shiz. MAYBE!

And what am I doing about it. Nothing.

Right now I may be just venting out. The fact that I can’t (or rather I am not) do(ing) anything about it or the fact that none of the wedding planners got back and also the fact that I have a corporate job to back to on Monday. Back to the stereotype. Playing with excel sheets, spicing up powerpoint presentations, preparing reports, planning, talking to people with their ‘corporate masks’ on and fake smiling my day away. All this eats up.

‘Nuff of the ranting, I’ll stop.

Some day soon (hopefully) I’ll be the ‘wanna-be’ ‘Wedding-Planner’



8 thoughts on “the ‘wanna-be’ wedding planner

  1. V both know dat u’ve always had a different type of happiness from weddings (not every1 gets dat) and I guess I’ve told ya a zillion times, do something about it and don’t write about it,, jus start doin it as a profession dodohead,, part time den part time,, don’t sit bak wait till u grow old and den think ‘why did I not follow my heart?’ der straight forward as always,, :)


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