The JoZi’s

I’ve known Jo(anna) for much much longer than I know most of you’ll. From being inseparable bench mates in school to sending across notes when she moved cities, we have an entire stash of happy memories.

As we sat sharing giggles, stories and our lunch-boxes, little did we gauge as friends that we’d be there through and through this circle of life. Surprise birthday celebrations, to planning her hens party, followed by being her wedding planner (partially) and a year later visiting JoZi their super darling house in Ketti, Ooty. Gosh, wait up, the best is yet to come.

After honeymooning in Ketti, Ooty for over a year, they were back in Bombay. And like I said the best is yet to come, we have  JoZi-Junior on his/her way this Feb’16. Before JoZi-Junior is here to steal the show, have a look at the glowing parents-to-be.